What is Fruitée Yogurt?

Fruitee Orange
Frozen yogurt has become more and more popular every year as healthier lifestyles and better food choices are emphasized over traditional comfort food. Frozen yogurt initially started off as a healthier alternative to ice cream, but over the years has developed its own unique market as more flavors, textures, and toppings are offered by an expanding variety of companies. Frozen yogurt contains much less fat in comparison to traditional ice cream and a higher content of carbohydrates (translation: a heart-healthy choice). It also often contains an equal amount of live and active bacterial cultures as non-frozen yogurt, awarding the same probiotic health benefits as yogurt, as well as being highly nutritious, containing many essential minerals and vitamins.
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Fruitée Yogurt is focused on serving only the highest possible quality frozen yogurt from the leading manufacturer of frozen yogurt, one who has pioneered the innovation, production and marketing of frozen yogurt for over 30 years. It produces “true” frozen yogurt with one of the highest counts of live, active and natural bacterial cultures, including S. thermophiles, L. bulgaricus, L. lactis and L. acidophilus, all of which are considered beneficial to the human health. Fruitée Yogurt also creates its own unique recipes for each and every product it serves, and as such it offers the greatest assortment of flavors in the frozen yogurt industry today.
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Fruitée Yogurt is one of the very few frozen yogurt stores operated almost entirely by talented, ambitious teenagers who aspire to jump start their professional careers early on. For this reason, the business emphasizes simplicity to mirror the fast-paced modern lifestyle many people lead. The store will feature self-serve yogurt dispensers with more than 14 different flavors and several different cup sizes, and customers can choose from around 50 different toppings in a buffet style topping bar. After they choose the toppings, they will weigh their final product on a scale at the cash register.
Fruitée Yogurt – Once you try it, you’ll never forget it.